SOMESING :: Social Music Service based on Blockchain

About SOMESING project

SOMESING is a music service that incorporates blockchain technology so that producers can get rewards for creative activities that everyone can enjoy their favorite songs and recreate the songs.
If you post your own song in SOMESING, a song wallet will automatically be formed, and Coins(SSX) will be accumulated in various ways including gifts, supports, and events in this song wallet. After a certain period of time, you will automatically distribute the coins that you have accumulated in your song wallet to the participants who have enjoyed this song and have contributed to it through smart contract.

SOMESING for SingLovers

SOMESING is a platform for SingLovers. Anyone can enjoy the music that they like. The enhancement or recreation / remix of new or existing music pieces are rewarded fairly. The fair reward distribution is enabled by the Blockchain technology. Everyone that enjoy the creation activities of music receives the rewards and rewards for the music that they created.

This will lead the creative work and activities to its exponential growth, providing tremendous inspiration to SingLovers on peer-to-peer basis. SOMESING will enable every participant to become active creators of music.
The fair rewarding and reward distribution system will motivate those creators to sustain their creativity within SOMESING’s ecosystem and its work stream, resulting in the fruitful world of music

What technology Makes SOMESING’S Unique?

Sync & Sound Effect

Accompaniment(MR) key adjustment
• Adjusts a song’s note base key to the user’s voice

• Adjusts user’s voice input and audio latency control in real time
• Controls volume of Accompaniment(MR) based on user’s voice
• Provides effect control functions such as echo/reverb/room size


User Part Editing
• Provides personal edit function for each part based on user’s preference
• Provides mimic function for any edit function once the part is edited
• Provides switch function for male/female sections
• Enables various duet content creation functions in the same song
• Conserves edit resources during operations, while providing new music


Apply VIDEO through SYNC implementation of CAMERA + SONG
• Maximizes the MCN function that enables various channels for expression of the users


Collaborations with Streaming Service

SOMESING provides users with lavish music service experience as it facilitates the changeover of ‘Listening to Original Song’ function and ‘Singing’ function through collaboration with music streaming services. Besides, SOMESING promotes the integration of external service users and SingLovers by letting them share and/or purchase outside services other than SOMESING using its coin, SSX. (SomeSing eXchange)

Blockchain Tech + AI Tech Personalized Service

Contents stored in SOMESING are also saved in Block Chain, however, it is possible for users to select encryption or decoding according to their own decisions.

New Stars

Rewarding content creation and talent and Discovering/Supporting new music stars.

Link between USERS & STARS

Providing opportunities to meet ‘Stars’ in both direct/indirect ways for expansion of user numbers.

Online / Offline Partnership

Enla arging the usage of SSX through partnerships with on/off-line markets.

Token Detail

Total Sales : 3,000,000,000 (3 billion)
Token Price : 1 SSX = USD 0.01
Softcap : USD 5,000,000 / Hardcap : USD 30,000,000
Public Token Sale Period : Feb, 2019 ~ Mar, 2019






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