Share about new mining info SPA cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrency name: SPA

SPA designed the BDLF BFT protocol to break through the security limitations of POS-based blockchains, making it the most performant designed and made coin among the existing blockchains. Based on this, we recommend that you mine as a DeFi project created for global use. Watch that the swap will proceed with SPA after continuous mining with XP during mining. The SPA is currently produced in erc20, with an issuance of 5 billion units and a current value of about 20 KRW.

<How to mining?>

1. Download and installation via below links.

Andorid: download link

iOS: download link

2. After running the app, click the “Register” button to start signing up.

3. Register as a member after entering in the order below

4. After signing up, click the “Create new account” button to create a wallet.

5. Save the created mnemonic by pressing the “Send” button

6. Performing the generated mnemonic verification test (Test to select the number of words among issued mnemonics)

7. After confirming the account name and setting the security password, click the shovel-shaped button below and click the “Activate” button to start mining.



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