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Opu is the first of its kind platform for the skin care industry. This is a unique application that combines the power of blockchain technology with a robust reward model. Opu Labs — AI combination, skin analysis and block chain is what allows us to offer best-of-breed assays and treatment options.

Opu.ai is an Ethereum-based blockchain platform that is managed by smart contracts. The platform supports the skincare community by delivering technology solutions that improve the quality, availability and access to high quality skin care services. Utilizing blockchain technology, Opu will substantially improve the quality of skincare available to individuals worldwide.

Which problems OPU will solve?

Skincare is a multibillion dollar global industry. Everyone’s skin is different, yet few consumers get their information from professional dermatologists; and instead rely on advice from social media, friends, shop assistants, and product marketers. From a dermatologist’s perspective, there’s a genuine need to offer their professional expertise to a mass audience.

OPU Solutions to solve the problems

Opu is creating a suite of trust-based online platforms; all designed to improve the quality, efficiency, and use of dermatological data:
1. Opu AI — machine learning technology that analyzes, compares, and recommends treatment solutions.
2. Opu Search — a search platform that provides treatment information from consumer skincare service providers and eCommerce partners.
3. Opu Coin (OPU) — our native crypto coins (known as ERC-223 tokens) that act as a currency for our skincare marketplace and Opu loyalty programs.
4. Opu Connect — an opt-in service for product testing.
5. Opu CRM — a customer support tool. Includes image markup and patient tracking tools. Also has a marketing and ad stack.

Development Phases & Roadmap


Distribution Summary

The ICO price for the Opu Coin will be $0.059259 per token, and we’re looking to reach an ICO hard cap of US$37 million.

Distribution stacks up

  • 12 billion Opu Coins — total supply
  • 8.8 billion Opu Coins will be reserved for exclusive distribution to Opu Wallets
  • 660 million Opu Coins will be distributed through the ICO
  • 120 million Opu Coins will be reserved for Opu Rewards during the ICO period


Opu Labs is committed to becoming a leading provider of digital solutions for measuring, managing and monitoring skin care products. To achieve this, we create an advanced ecosystem that integrates computer AI, clinic, market and community. The basis of all these functions is blockchain technology. Its use allows to decentralize patients’ data and freely receive them on a scale. It also stimulates the persons involved to play an active role in our ecosystem: rewarding them with our native ERC-223 markers, OPU coins. Ultimately, we want to give consumers greater access to skin care knowledge, provide skin care professionals with the technology they need to expand their capabilities, ease the burden of patients and reward those who make a valuable contribution.

Reasons to Participate

  • Opu is the first of its kind platform for the skincare industry. It is a unique app that combines the power of blockchain technology with a robust rewards model.
  • Opu Coin will be the pioneer digital currency of the skincare market. It will power the ecosystem that runs on the robust blockchain network.
  • The platform is driven by AI & big data technology, a skin analysis engine, an eCommerce function and community support. This automatically gives Opu an edge in the global skincare industry.
  • Opu Coin will generate a high value for the global skincare market, which has been largely untapped due to structural inefficiencies for product manufacturers operating in multiple regions.
  • As an individual, not only will you be rewarded with Opu Coin for completing various tasks, but you will also be able to more easily achieve your skincare goals. Moreover, the Opu Coin can be held, traded, or simply stored in your ewallet.
  • The Opu platform is powered by the Ethereum blockchain network



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