Maestro :: A blockchain-based music streaming platform for artists and listeners

What is Maestro Project?

Maestro is a global full-service Big Data integration, application management, data analytic and consulting firm committed to innovation providing custom solutions to diverse clients. We are listed in Inc. 500 as one of the fastest-growing private companies in US (3 years in a row). Maestro has developed PoCs and Big Data implementations working on client’s data transformation needs.

Blockchain technology is really changing the face of the digital music industry. However, the existing blockchain music services focus only on improving the founding of the surge and distribution of the structure, and not dealing with the fundamental problems of the present industry. Future music products developed with blockchain, unlike their predecessors, must use technology to provide advanced functionality that fundamentally changes the music industry at its core.

Maestro will be solve those problems in the most radical way. The Maestro aims to revolutionize the bureaucratic media industry and cooperate with existing parties to ultimately support and nurture more artists. The project will create a music ecosystem that will have its own online service for listening to music, with reasonable prices. Funds for the realization of the goals will be collected through croweding. For users, the project will become unique, as consumers will pay only for the number of songs they listen to. If there are no songs on the list of consumers, then they do not pay anything. Also, consumers will have the opportunity to participate in the development of the project from their favorite composers, if it succeeds, they will get profit based on their investments.

Maestro System



ICO Terms and Conditions

  • Name of the tokens: MAE
  • Standart: erc20
  • Total number of tokens released: 1 000 000 000 MAE
  • Number of tokens for sale: 620 000 000 MAE
  • Private Sale round: 16.06.2018
  • Start 1st ICO: 30.06.2018
  • Start 2nd ICO: 16.07.2018
  • The price of the token: 1 ETH = 10 000 MAE
  • Soft Cap for ICO: None
  • Hard Cap for ICO: 62 000 ETH


In my opinion it is hard to find a person who will never tell that the music has played a great role inhis life and will play it a lot of times more. People, according to the psychologists, are influenced with music very deep, and iIt is silly to deny that we do not care about some songs or melodies. According to lot of psychologists’ researches, music can even heal some people from different kind of diseases. So this post will be interesting to a large number of people, from simple melomans to the doctors and so on.

If you are an artist or somehow connected to this sphere — do not worry, Maestro has something in store for you, too. You are guaranteed to get fair profit and as more funding, as more payments you are going to have. Moreover, your right are guaranteed with the secured blockchain technology, so nobody will get what you deserve by your right.
Your ownership and rights as an artist is in respect in Maestro. Using separate smart contracts, you can divide your right between all the members in you group, so nobody is going to be offensed. The profit from the sells of the album or the singler are going to be divide between all the members in equal proportions. You can use your data, but as well you can bu sured that noone i going to use it and the name of your album will be kept as secret if want it to.

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#followback #crypto #blockchain #bounty #airdrop #ethereum

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