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About the Bitenny project

The main goal of this project is to provide the world around us with a seamless tool for fast, high-quality and secure digital transactions to pay for any goods and services with the help of cryptocurrencies available to the world.

Bitenny intends to achieve its goals with the help of a symbiosis of different technologies and effective tools that will eliminate any problems and barriers existing in our daily lives. Moreover, the mission of Bitennyalso includes the popularization of cryptocurrency funds everywhere, due to its high-quality platform.

Main advantages of Bitenny

Unique structure and ethos
The Bitenny structure simplifies the cryptocurrency market, giving users of regular fiat currencies the ability to make purchases and payments both online and offline.

Technological innovation
Bitenny is positioned on the cutting edge of technology, bringing together the concepts of future centric technology such as Artificial Intelligence, and applying it to solving problems in the real world.

Experienced team
The Bitenny team utilizes more than 20 years of experience in developing AI solutions that are very effective and include Deloitte and Ingenico alumni.

Comprehensive payment solution
More than 50 payment methods are supported by the network, making life easier and easier than ever for users and traders. What’s more, this list develops along with the development of the network.

Problems & Solutions

Bitenny solves problems for users

Bitenny helps reduce risk and anxiety investing in crypto by offering free AI-capable wallets. This system allows users to exchange virtual currencies more safely, with full compliance. Unlike similar platforms, it also has tight integration between virtual and physical currencies, allowing people to hold, pay and distribute cryptocurrency and fiat currencies easily.

Real-time access to the crypto market means Prally, an interactive assistant, can tell users about current trading opportunities and give them ideas about trading execution. The main feature, this limits the risk that comes from a lack of experience in investing in crypto.

Bitenny overcame the problem for traders

To create the perfect experience for businesses that want to receive crypto payments, Bitenny is equipped with a full-featured Bitenny API, which is easily integrated into online stores and is available free.

Rather than an easy-to-use platform, traders are stuck with several Payment Service Providers (PSP) with a lack of integration between them. Bitenny, a sophisticated technical platform that receives more than 50 payment methods, including comprehensive crypto integration, resolves this problem.

Bitenny solved the problem for brick-and-mortar traders

The lack of special software has made it difficult for physical stores to accept crypto payments. The Bitenny system can be installed easily on a tablet PC for use by the cashier at the point of sale, allowing users with Dompet Bitenny to pay with cryptocurrency.

Simplicity and Accessibility.

The network achieves this through the deployment of simple and elegant payment solutions that utilize the following features;

  • Registration and login are very safe, very convenient, use PIN and biometric identification
  • Easy and total access to the full investment portfolio in the Bitenny wallet, as well as rich analysis tools
  • Comprehensive tracking of currency wallet and secure private key storage from Bitenny Interactive Wallet
  • KYC’s leading authorization on the market in terms of speed and security, allows users to easily spin between fiat and digital currencies
  • Support for credit and debit card facilities, supporting physical payments at the store’s in-house sales points
  • Utilizing artificial intelligence to support user investment, and much more

Platform technology

Bitenny’s services are provided through a series of different modular components. However, these components can also function harmoniously and effectively as a whole.The essence of this service is delivered through; Micro Service, Event source, Streaming. NoSQL data storage, RBDMS regulation transaction storage, third party cloud services, and other specific components and functions, will also be used, by complying with the rules and network ethos.

Token Detail

  • Token BTNY
  • Platform Ethereum
  • Type ERC20
  • Price in ICO 1 BTNY = 0,07 USD
  • Hardcap: 25 000 000 USD
  • Max tokens:1 000 000 000 BTNY

Unsold tokens will be burned





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